Sister Jacqueline Sanchez-Small, Scholastic

Why am I here?
I was first drawn to consider entering this community because I was so inspired by the Sisters! I had never met a group of people who so harmoniously combined hard work against poverty and injustice; real joy and delight in their friendships, in their hobbies, and in beauty of all kinds; and deep commitment to their spiritual practices. I saw how the goodness of their lives stemmed from the Rule they follow and the support they give one another, and I knew I wanted to give monastic life in this community a try.

Why do you continue to seek God with this community?
I have stayed in community so far because I recognize that I am still a long way from being as compassionate, fair, hospitable, centered, wise, and loving as God made me to be, and I am hopeful that the monastic life will eventually lead me to offer those qualities to the world. Living simply with other women who are–imperfectly but persistently–seeking God, and following our day-to-day routine centered in prayer, ministry, and reflection seems like the best way for me to bring more peace and justice to the world.