Sister Marla Bleil

Sister Marla Bleil entered the Erie Benedictines from St. Gregory Parish, North East, in 1966. She credits her monastic community, the Erie Benedictines, for guiding her throughout the journey of her religious life. For Sister Marla, communal and personal prayer, scripture reading, retreats and the love and support of community have fostered and nurtured her spiritual growth. She has shared this stability through ministry. For many years Sister Marla taught as an elementary school teacher throughout the Diocese of Erie. After 32 years in education Sister Marla took on the work of Administrative Assistant at Benetwood Apartments, a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters that offers monastic hospitality to low income, elderly and handicapped persons. Now, 18 years later, she remains in this same ministry and offers a stable, welcoming presence to all whom she encounters.