Sister Ann Muczynski

Sister Ann Muczynski, whose home parish was St. Joseph in Warren, PA, entered the Erie Benedictines in 1992 and professed her first vows in 1994. Sister Ann has embraced the monastic way of life with sincerity and integrity and this year celebrates her 25 year anniversary. Sister Ann’s first years in ministry were spent in elementary education as a teacher in the Erie Diocese. She then pursued further education and earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Case Western Reserve University. Sister Anne is a board certified clinical social worker with experience as a trauma specialist gained from working for Belle Center for Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse in Ohio and Family Services of NWPA where she was a trauma therapist and supervisor. Since 2011 she has been employed at Erie’s VA Medical Center as a posttraumatic stress disorder specialist and serves as the clinic’s Military Sexual Trauma Coordinator, work to which she brings exceptional competency. Sister Ann walks through life with a direction and purpose that is guided by a strong desire for peace and justice for all. She is deeply committed to Benedictine life and her faithfulness to prayer gives her the strength to be a healing presence in her community life and ministry.

Reflective thoughts . . .
Sister Ann Muczynski is a listening heart wide open to the world and the people she serves. Deeply rooted in the monastic values that define her soul and the prayer that centers her life, Sister Ann extends compassion and love to those whose needs are most urgent. In a lifelong devotion to her students and then, to traumatized children and most recently, to veterans, she is single-minded in her efforts to promote healing and wholeness. Sensitive and deeply genuine in her acceptance of one and all, Sister Ann never withholds sincere words of affirmation and gratitude. Her dedication to the challenge of engendering hope wherever and however it is needed, empowers Sister Ann to foster life-giving change in any and all situations.