Sister Christine Kosin

For me, being Benedictine is being blessed by a loving God who placed me in a faith-filled family and then in a community of faith-filled women. This has been my greatest joy. This is what I celebrate at Jubilee. Little did I know when I first heard the call to monastic life, a life of seeking God and serving others, what the call meant.

The timing was right. To experience core values of the monastic tradition (prayer, community life, hospitality, peace) in a Pre-Vatican II era followed by a period of renewal and change that called forth deep faith and commitment was a great grace and challenge. As a community we heard the Gospel with the ear of our heart and knew that we were to live the Gospel tangibly, daily. Our eyes were opened to see anew. Our hearts were stretched to touch the world.

At Final Profession I received the title “Christine of the Risen Christ.” It is this Light of Christ that guides me to see the way I should walk in relationships, in community, in ministry. It is this light that enlightens my mind and spirit to live life fully. As I look to the Paschal Candle, I live in the present moment with an eye to the future.

Michael Casey, in his book The Road to Eternal Life, states that, “the Prologue of the Rule of Benedict maps out the road to eternal life.” Jesus not only indicates the road we should walk, but He is the road, the only road that leads to eternal life. On the road I have been guided to walk with the poor, with little children, with those seeking peace. At jubilee I celebrate the ongoing journey.

Sister Christine Kosin began her ministry in education as a primary teacher in several Erie diocesan schools. She then became involved in Head Start and day care at St. Benedict Center handling both teacher and administrative duties. She has also served as Director of the Child Development Lab at Mercyhurst University, Director of the Migrant Head Start Program at Mount St. Benedict Monastery and as service coordinator for Case Management Services. In addition Sister Christine has been a member of the Monastic Council and Director of Monastic Formation. In 2002 she became Service Coordinator at St. Benedict Education Center and in 2012 she became a Head Start and day care teacher.