Sister Helen Heher

The reasons I came to this community are not the reasons I stay in this community. Fifty-two years ago, just ready to turn 18, I left my home of origin in Oil City, Pennsylvania, and followed the sisters home to Erie. I loved the sisters because they enlarged my innate gifts and emerging talents. Mostly they invited me into their lives and immersed themselves into my life.

I had a humongous sense inside of me that I wanted to take care of the world, be a kind of candy striper for the multitudes. At a young age, I did know that I found my Soul in the canopy of the forest behind my home, and in the other world-ness of sitting in an empty church.

Obviously, I was guided by the hand of destiny, the awe of the sisters, and the joy of my family.

I am re-committing, staying in this community out of gratitude for the freedom and encouragement of those same gifts in me from the very time I entered in 1962. From candy striper to moon woman, I am. From 2014 to 2034 my anthem will be the regeneration of the Self for the sake of this community and the world community. Amen.

Sister Helen Heher was an elementary school teacher in the Diocese of Erie for several years. After 1971, her education in Therapeutic Recreation led her in a new direction that included ministry as activities coordinator and bookkeeper at John the XXIII home in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, Administrative Assistant at St. Benedict Academy, and Summer Camp Director and Recreation Program Director at Glinodo Conference Center. Sister Helen is presently the Wellness Coordinator at Mount St. Benedict Monastery, a ministry she began in 1993.