Sister Jacinta Conklin

Sister Jacinta Conklin, originally a Benedictine Sister of Elk County and past prioress who supported her sisters with compassion and care, came to Erie in 2016. It had become clear that St. Joseph Monastery in St. Marys, PA would need to close as a result of a climbing median age and lack of new members and the sisters began to discern their own personal future. Faithfulness of heart and an abiding commitment to the monastic way of life led Sister Jacinta to the Benedictine Sisters of Erie and in 2018 she transferred her vows and was fully incorporated into the community. This year she celebrates 50 years of monastic profession. Sister Jacinta’s ministries in Erie have kept her close to nature and close to people. She is community driver, library aide and sacristan and makes a big contribution to seasonal lawn care. Her sense of humor, easy smile, positive attitude and willingness to help wherever needed is truly a blessing.

Reflective thoughts . . .
Sister Jacinta embodies a genuine compassion and mindfulness for every part of God’s creation. She loves the earth and tends the grounds and gardens with the same particular care with which she accompanies those whose step is faltering or tends to all that is sacred and beautiful in the chapel. Sister Jacinta finds contentment in the routine of the daily and joy in the surprise of unexpected pleasures. She relishes a great meal, a hearty laugh, a challenging card game as much as she delights in a breathtaking sunset or a satisfying book recommended by a friend. Ever faithful to Benedictine ora et labora, prayer and work, Sister Jacinta lives with firm conviction and steadfast hope in the monastic way of life.