Sister Marian Wehler

“You are a real Benedictine,” a woman once said to me, “if you are truly seeking God.” I have always remembered that as an affirmation of my vocation. Seeking God and experiencing God seeking me has been both beautiful and challenging on my faith journey these last 50 years.

People — my family, friends, sisters in community and the people I have had the privilege of serving— their presence and love have been the face of God to me and often God’s voice. Lectio, a prayerful reading of God’s Word, has deeply nourished me and I pray daily to be God’s living word of love to others.

Being a member of two monastic communities — first in St. Marys and now in Erie, and the experience of living community with the people of Tanzania — all have given me a global Benedictine heart. For this and so much more, I feel so blessed and full of joy.

Sister Marian Wehler entered the Benedictine Sisters of Elk County where she ministered as an elementary school teacher in the Diocese of Erie until 1980. She then became a missionary and taught English, Scripture and geography in the Arusha Catholic Seminary in Tanzania. This was followed by service as the Pastoral Care Director and Chaplain at Elk Regional Hospital in St. Marys. In 1996 Sister Marian began the transfer process to the Benedictine Sisters of Erie at which time she worked as secretary and staff member for AIM, the Alliance for International Monasticism. In 2004 Sister Marian became Director of Religious Education at St. Bernard parish in Falls Creek, Pennsylvania. In 2007 Sister Marian began her present ministry: Catholic Rural Ministry in the Oil City Deanery.