Sister Rosanne Loneck

Sister Rosanne Loneck met the Benedictine Sisters as a student at St. Benedict Academy (SBA). Upon her graduation she earned a degree at Villa Maria College before entering the community where this year she celebrates 50 years of monastic profession. To this day SBA holds a significant place in her life. It was there that Sister Rosanne served as teacher, Director of the Summer School Program, and assistant principal and now as liaison to the SBA Alumnae Association. After SBA closed in 1988 Sister Rosanne engaged in a number of other Benedictine Ministries including St. Benedict Education Center, Camp Glinodo, and several internal ministries. Through the years Sister Rosanne has served the community as a formation director, purchaser of community supplies, Dean of the Monastery, Director of Human Resources, and Co-director of the Oblate/Associate Program. In 1991 Sister Rosanne became a certified Spiritual Director and since then has offered guidance and spiritual direction to individuals and retreatants alike, privately and through the Mid-Life, Long Life retreats she offers at the monastery.

Reflective thoughts . . .
Sister Rosanne is a woman of grace and gracefulness. With a gentle presence and a steadfast heart, she moves quietly through every day, leaving beauty and calm in her wake. Ever sensitive, always genuine, overflowing with interest, Sister Rosanne’s is an everyday simplicity – expressing her own gratitude for life in the thoughtfulness she extends to so many in unassuming, creative ways. She inspires generosity by her own selflessness and empowers expansive kindness by her own unbounded compassion and care. Faith and spirituality define Sister Rosanne. She reflects a monastic com