Sister Susan Doubet

Sister Susan Doubet is a golden jubilarian. Her 50 years of vowed life have been a journey marked by ongoing discernment and change. After 27 years as a Sister of St. Joseph of Northwest Pennsylvania, Sister Susan discerned a new call—the call to monastic life. She began the transfer process to the Benedictine Sisters of Erie in 1993 and her incorporation was finalized in 1997. As a Sister of St. Joseph, her ministerial life was spent as a secondary teacher, primarily of math and physics, for a brief time at Bradford Central Christian High School and then for 23 years at Villa Maria Academy where she also spent time as administrator/principal. As a Benedictine, Sister Susan has held the position of staff member in the Development and Public Relations departments, Benetvision Publications, and AIM (Alliance for International Monasticism) of which she eventually became the Executive Director for eight years. Since 2003 she has been Research Assistant to Sister Joan Chittister, a position in which she continues. In 2010, Sister Susan was appointed subprioress and continues to serve the community in this role.

Reflective thoughts . . .
Sister Susan Doubet is relentless in her pursuit of the sacred and the beautiful and justice and peace in our world. Unwavering in her love for the monastic way of life, Sister Susan’s efforts and energy extend in kindness for the good of others. She gives herself fully to the task at hand and does nothing halfway. The world would be less without her caring attention, keen observations and solid convictions. Sister Susan is a teacher par excellence, delightful storyteller, wise mentor and solid friend. Her love of nature and care for creation is made manifest in the pleasure she takes in feeding the birds and the deer, measuring the snowfall, and walking the beach on a summer’s day. Life is an event for Sister Susan and her talent for finding the humor in everyday situations allows others to find the inherent meaning and value that lies in all of life’s experiences.