Sister Therese Glass

Sister Therese Glass

“Pinch me! Pinch me!” my inner voice shouted as I began my postulancy with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie more than 25 years ago. The voice continued: “Am I here? Am I really here? And how did I get here?” In reply I could only answer, “Aware or unaware, all my life I’ve been seeking God.” Little did I realize then how God had been seeking me just as God seeks ALL and sustains ALL. Even less could I imagine then how my life would unfold in prayer, community and ministry.

As I celebrate my silver jubilee I am more aware of God’s unconditional love, faithfulness and presence in and through ALL. Whoever the person, wherever the place, whatever the situation, whichever the thing, God is in it. God is in whatever is.

Benedict saw the world in a single ray of light and I am coming to see the cosmos in a single ray of light. That single ray brightens my world, enlightens my mind and warms my heart. It helps me see that for which I am most grateful: my community, the various ministries in which I have served, my family and my friends. It helps me to know that “Day unto day pours out the story; night unto night makes known the beauty” (Ps. 19: 3). It helps me to feel surrounded by the love of God. My jubilee is going to celebrate that gratitude.

I am sure I am where God calls me to be. Nevertheless, I continue to ask, “Am I here? Am I really here? And how did I get here?” Pinch me! Pinch me! My monastic life is so much more than I could ever have imagined!

Sister Therese Glass came to community with 30 years’ experience in elementary education, both as teacher and counselor. As an Erie Benedictine she worked at Benet Press, served as an assistant manager at Benetwood Apartments and as an instructor and intake coordinator at Saint Benedict Education Center. Presently Sister Therese works part-time as personal secretary to Sister Joan Chittister and is a part-time staff member of the Alliance for International Monasticism USA (AIM). In 2010 she traveled to Tanzania where she helped initiate an English program for African sisters.