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Daily Prayer

Sunday, March 10, 2024
Daily Prayer March 10

Antiphon (mantra) repeat quietly:
You, O God, are my light and my salvation.

Psalm 141
I have called to you, O God;
come quickly to help me!
Hear my voice when I cry to you.
Let my prayer rise before you
like the incense of praise,
the lifting of my hands like an evening offering.

Set a guard over my mouth;
place a seal upon my lips.
Let my heart not turn to things that are wrong,
to evil deeds with those who are sinners.
Never allow me to share in their feasting.

If the just reprove me,
it is kindness.
Let the oil of the wicked not anoint my head;
let my prayer be ever against their malice.

When rulers are cast down upon the rocks,
they will understand my words of warning.
As a millstone is shattered to pieces,
their bones are scattered
at the mouth of the grave.

To you my eyes are turned.
In you I take refuge;
spare my life!
Keep me safe from those who do evil.

Let the wicked fall into the traps they have set,
while I escape unharmed.

Pray the Prayer of Jesus (Our Father)

Translation © 1998 Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Inc.