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Daily Prayer

Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Daily Prayer April 10

Antiphon (mantra) repeat quietly:
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

Psalm 81
Ring out your joy to God;
acclaim God, our source of strength.

At the new moon, raise a song;
play the timbrel, the sweet sounding harp, and the lute.
At the full moon, the trumpet resounds;
let all gather for the solemn feast.

This is God's command.
It was made a decree for Israel
when God led them out of Egypt.

A voice I did not know said to me,
"I lifted the burden from your shoulder;
you were freed from slavery.
You called in distress and I saved you.

I answered, concealed in the storm cloud;
at the springs of Meribah I tested you.
Listen, my people, to my warning.
O Israel, if only you would hear me!

I am your God.
You may worship no other.

I brought you out of Egypt,
but you did not listen to me;
you refused to obey.
So I left you in your stubbornness of heart
to follow your own ways.

If only you would listen, my people,
and walk in my ways.
At once I would subdue your foes
and humble your enemies.

I would feed you with finest wheat
and satisfy you with honey from the rock."

Pray the Prayer of Jesus (Our Father)

Translation © 1998 Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Inc.