Art Show Opens in Chapter 57 Gallery

Sister Margaret Ann Pilewski and Sister Stephanie Schimdt, prioress, look at one of Sister Peggy's new pieces.

Sisters and guests joined Sister Margaret Ann Pilewski for the opening of her new art show, “Transition,” on Sunday. The show features 52 new pieces born of Sister Peggy’s reflections on the current transitions in her life. “After 27 year of teaching and administering at the Art House, which followed years of teaching, I turned to a new season, a season of focusing on my art,” she explained.

Most of the pieces were created using Sister Peggy’s newest technique, acrylic pouring, a process that involves letting the paint go, an apt metaphor for times of transition like retirement. “When you look at them from different angles,” she said, "you see a completely different piece of art." The colors are deep and rich and no two pieces are alike. Sister Peggy created them in multiple sizes and different shapes. 

“Transition” will be in the Chapter 57 Gallery through Sunday, November 20. The Chapter 57 store is open every Sunday after liturgy until noon. (Closed October 30) Or, other days and times by appointment, call 814-440-3114.