SBA Alum featured in Erie Reader—Remnants, Art, and Heart

Judie Pentz photo by Erie Reader Erin Phillips

Judie (Plizga) Pentz, '60, owner of The Remnant Store on East 11th Street, a block from the former St. Benedict Academy building, was recently featured in an article, Remnants, Art, and Heart, by Erin Phillips in the Erie Reader:  "'You do what you can do for people and I think it comes back to you,' says Judie Pentz, owner of the Remnant Store, a fabric shop at East 11th and German that has been in operation for nearly 60 years. Beyond selling fabric remnants, she has created an anchor in a neighborhood that is often overlooked by those who don't happen to have a heart as big as hers." The article also features a new mural along much of its front facade, part of the "Purposeful Placemaking" project through Erie Arts.