Second Saturday at the Art House

Second Saturday at the Art House folding paper cranes

Second Saturday at the Art House came to life when 25 people--children and adults--arrived on the scene on April 9 to participate in either of two creative events: decorative egg painting and Origami paper crane folding. "The two art experiences happened simultaneously," explained Sarah Everett, Community Art Director. "That's the intent of our Second Saturday program, so that attendees can try out either craft or try both of them. They can also tour the Art House if they've not been here before."

As the pictures in the gallery below reveal, the finished painted eggs sported unique and intricate design work. The photos also show the progress made folding paper cranes. The goal is 1,000 cranes that will eventually be displayed at Erie’s Blasco Library as a gesture of solidarity with and desire for peace in Ukraine. See related story here.

Art House teacher and arts coordinator Sister Jen Frazer reports that she was able to string togehter 50 finished cranes--and that she'll need 20 more to reach the goal of 1,000. As they folded, participants commented on the experience. Adult: “I haven’t done this (folding cranes) in like 30 years!” Child: “This is such a great project! And my crane sort of looks like a crane!”

May's Second Saturday falls on another Art House event, the annual Art & Sole 5K Run Walk on May 14. Registration is now open, click here. Learn more about the Art House here.

50 cranes strung together
50 cranes strung together