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Kate Dougherty
Lives in Fiddletown, CA
Tell us something about yourself

After raising our 2 sons in the San Francisco Bay Area Suburbs, we sold our home, and moved to the Sierra Foothills on to an 80 acre ranch. We have goats and chickens and a young (and wild) German Shepard. We are also a retreat center, however Covid has made hosting indoors not possible, however we have had visitors in their own RV's and Trailers, so we could be outside together. We are grateful for this amazing property, and look forward to gathering seekers again in the future.

Why are you an oblate?

I am a cradle Catholic, educated by nuns, and have many nuns and priests on both sides of our family. Both when I was working and now as a retired person I am happiest when I am serving others. The Oblate Way of Life supports that desire to serve with the support of the community to sing and pray together.

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