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Ezekiel Meyer
Lives in Saint Charles, Missouri
Tell us something about yourself

I made my oblation in oblation in 2008 and cherish my memories of time spent at The Mount. I love my first name, Ezekiel, as it means “G-d strengthens” yet Ezekiel feels a bit formal, so I simply go by Zeke or Z. I currently reside in Saint Charles, Missouri with my wife, dog, and cat. While living in Missouri limits my opportunities to be at The Mount, I am surrounded by loved ones here and enjoy the balance and adventures that residing close to family brings.

Why are you an oblate?

For me, the Benedictine Way of Life is about progress, not perfection, as I continue to keep trying and leverage lessons learned along the way. I strive to actively bring The Light into the world; by encouraging others to respond to G-d’s call for love via drawing others together through mutual acceptance, forgiveness, healing peace and listening to those in need to restore some measure of balance, wholeness and dignity.

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