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About Benedicta Riepp Monastic Experience

Throughout history travelers and pilgrims have travelled to monasteries to refresh and revitalize. Some stayed but most moved on, returning to lives “in the world,” renewed by Benedictine spirituality and charged with transforming their local communities, working to create a more just and equitable and sustainable world. No monastery is without guests and Mount Saint Benedict is no exception.

In the year 2000, recognizing the monastic history of offering guests a longer, more structured immersion in Benedictine spirituality, the Benedicta Riepp Monastic Experience Program began. It is named for Mother Benedicta Riepp, the first Benedictine woman foundress in the United States, and provides women the opportunity to deepen their spirituality and commitment to living the Gospel by sharing fully in community life for 6-12 months. Women of all faiths who can make a major time commitment are eligible for the Benedicta Riepp Program. With the exception of canonical meetings, a woman in the program joins with the community for prayer, work, formation and other events.

We welcome single women from any Christian tradition who are:

  • 21 years of age or older without dependents;
  • in good physical, emotional and mental health;
  • able to participate in 32 hours of ministry per week, daily communal prayer and meals, and household responsibilities;
  • willing to live a simple, celibate life for a period of time while living in community;
  • desiring to experience Benedictine monastic life;
  • seeking to deepen their relationship with God;
  • and open to a diversity of experiences.

Contact Sister Ann Muczynski, OSB
Formation Director
6101 East Lake Road
Erie, PA 16511
814-899-0614 ext. 2511
[email protected]