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Sister Mary Lou's writings in new book

Everyday Sacred, Everywhere Beauty by Mary Lou Kownacki

Everyday Sacred, Everywhere Beauty: Readings From An Old Monks Journal, a new collection of Sister Mary Lou Kownacki's blog posts will be released in September. In hundreds of personal blog posts at Monasteries of the Heart she chronicled current events, reflections on her decades as a nun, stories of friends, poetry recommendations and profound insights on life’s purpose and mortality, including her own journey to her death from cancer on January 6, 2023. Through her experiences of generous living, seeking God, and advocating tirelessly for peace and justice, these pages offer timeless wisdom on faith, community, activism, and what truly matters. For those seeking insight on a life well-lived, this collection of writings offers Sister Mary Lou’s lasting spiritual legacy. Her dear friend and sister, Joan Chittister, wrote a moving afterward as a lasting tribute to Sister Mary Lou. The collection was compiled by four women who lived and worked closely with Sister Mary Lou: Sister Anne McCarthy, Sister Linda Romey, Sister Jacqueline Sanchez-Small, and Monasteries of the Heart coordinator Katie Gordon. Orbis Books is publishing Everyday Sacred, Everywhere Beauty and it is available for preorder at (includes a discount) or at Amazon.