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Collaboration with Erie Spiritual Coalition

Collaboration with Erie Spiritual Coalition

Sister Linda Romey, back left, joined other members of the Erie Spiritual Coalition (ESC), (clockwise) Kristen Weeks, Stephanie Ciner, and Susannah Faulkner, for door-to-door canvasing on Erie’s east side. The canvassing work of the ESC is intended to raise awareness of tenant rights and gather signatures on a petition to create a Tenant Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is comprised almost entirely of existing rights but it gathers them in one document so that renters and landlords can know their rights and the city can then make sure those rights are honored and enforced. The document will be presented to City Council with a request that it pass the Bill of Rights.

“Knocking on doors and talking with people I do not know is not in my comfort zone,” said Sister Linda. “But as a Benedictine, for 30 years I’ve heard Benedict’s admonition to ‘welcome all as Christ’ and that we should each have what we need. That’s how I look at this work and why I feel I must be part of it. Housing is a basic right. And the people I met that morning—Fred, Wendy, Carl, and others—are my brothers and sisters and my call to welcome them as Christ in this case means standing with them and working to support their rights.”

ESC is a group of people trying to make change in the city of Erie by working with nonprofits and residents to advocate to government for policies that facilitate the flourishing of everyone. We value collaboration for common good, integrity in process and policy, sustainable solutions, and openness for dialogue.

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