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Sister Mary Ellen Plumb has spent her professional life in secondary education as a Social Studies teacher, Director of Campus Ministry, Director of Discipline and Counselor. In these roles, she spends a good part of her time facilitating the spiritual and communal development of young people on high school and college levels. She has served as a retreat leader and motivational speaker on a wide range of topics that strive to inspire young people and mentor new teachers. As a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, she has served as Director of Monastic Formation, Novice and Scholastic Director, and Oblate Director. Presently, she serves as a member of the Benedictines for Peace Steering Committee, as well as a member of the community's Liturgical Life Committee and Monastic Formation Committee. She has served as national chairperson of the American Benedictine Formation Conference and Director of the Benedictine Summer Workshop and Retreat for Sisters preparing for perpetual monastic profession.