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Friday, June 7, 2024
Chapter 7

The ninth step of humility is that we control our tongues and remain silent, not speaking unless asked a question, for scripture warns, "In a flood of words you will not avoid sinning (Prv 10:19)," and "A talkative person goes about aimlessly on earth (Ps 140:12)."

When arrogance erupts anywhere, it erupts invariably in speech. Our opinions become the rule. Our ideas become the goal. Our judgments become the norm. Our word becomes the last word, the only word. To be the last one into a conversation, instead of the first, is an unheard of assault on our egos. Benedict says, over and over, listen, learn, be open to the other. That is the ground of humility. And humility is the ground of growth and graced relationships on earth. Humility is what makes the powerful accessible to the powerless. Humility is what allows poor nations a demand on rich ones. Humility is what enables the learned to learn from the wise.